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XRD Products

GBC Difftech introduces a New Concept - The "Mini-Materials Analyzer" X-ray Diffractometer GBC Difftech introduces the very latest in design and technology for the Materials Science Industry. The new MMA (mini-materials analyzer) X-Ray Diffractometer. It represents the end product of several years of cutting edge research to produce the most cost effective and powerful bench top materials anlayzer in its class.

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MMA - The Mini-Materials Analyzer

MMA - The Mini-Materials Analyzer

The new MMA (mini-materials analyzer) X-Ray Diffractometer, although compact in size, offers maximum capabilities to the end user. At a half of the cost of its nearest rival the MMA offers a full array of features such as "Interchangeable Parallel Beam and Focusing Geometry" with a variable radius. Multiple sample stages and full auto sampling are available for maximum flexibility.

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Download MMA Accessories Brochure

Difftech 122D

Difftech 122D

The capability is extensive driving theta/2theta coupled or decoupled goniometers, automatic sample loaders and any XRD system. Either single pass or multi-pass scans are possible with unlimited scan times. Measure statistics are optimised as required. The capability also extends to temperature stages, texture and stress goniometers and multiple axes.

Download Difftech 122D Brochure

Automation Software

XRD Software

Visual XRD provides control of hardware function of the 122D automation module and XRD system and enable the data acquisition. All scan modes and computer aided setup are available.