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UV-Visible Spectrometer Software

Cintral Software

The new GBC UV-Vis software, the Windows XP - based Cintral Work Station software represents the latest in modular design and ease of use. Among the many features available are applications such as Quantify and Color are also included as part of the standard package. Cintral's state of the art design platform offers the user both ease of use and the power of a fully customizable user interface, intuitive booklet format method, and many other features such as:

Cintral Software

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Spectral Software

Spectral software, operating under Windows®, provides full instrument and accessory control, plus powerful graphics and data manipulation capabilities. It comes complete with a range of integrated applications for simple absorbance measurement, wavelength scanning, concentration, kinetics, multi-component, color analysis, DNA melt analysis as well as GLP/GMP compliance. A fully customizable user interface allows the user to simplify routine analysis with one-click method access, standard calibrations, or formatted reports.

Powerful graphics and data manipulation

The real power of Spectral software becomes evident with the wide range of manipulations including zooming, annotation, derivative calculation, data smoothing, addition, subtraction, calculation of peak tables, determination of color co-ordinates, determination of Tm and %GC, etc.

Quality protocols

Data integrity is assured with history functions to meet GLP requirements, including date and time stamping, plus instrument serial number, data manipulations log, method file storage and password protection.

SBasic Programming Language for Spectral UV-Visible software

Simplify routine analyses and complex data manipulation with SBasic macros. A newly published application note from GBC Scientific Equipment describes how the SBasic language is used with GBC's Spectral software to automate data acquisition and manipulation for UV-Visible analysis.

To illustrate the structure of an SBasic program and the associated commands, a macro for the determination of Chlorophyll is discussed. This Chlorophyll analysis macro automates the calculations required for Chlorophyll determinations.

A step by step description of the Chlorophyll Macro code is described. This macro can also be used as a model and modified for any other analysis.

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