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UV-Visible Application Notes

Application Number Topic Element(s) Sample Type
001 The Determination of Food Colours in Mixtures N/A Food Colour Mixtures
002 Thermal Analysis of DNA by UV/Visible Spectrometry N/A DNA
003 Kinetics Rate Law Investigations by UV-Visible Spectrometry N/A N/A
004 Multi-Component Analysis of a Vitamin B Mixture by UV-Visible Spectrometry N/A Vitamin B Mixture
005 Automation of Good Manufacturing Practice Requirements for a UV-Visible Spectrometer. N/A N/A
006 Automated Measurement of the Colour of Red Wines N/A Red Wine
007 Fully Automated Water Nitrate Analysis Nitrate Water Samples
008 Simplifying Routine Analyses using Spectral SBasic Programming Language - Chlorophyll Analysis Chlorophyll Samples containing / potentially containing Chlorophyll
009 Cintra 404 - Exceptional Performance for Difficult UV - Visible Applications N/A N/A
010 Cintra 202 - Enhanced Sensitivity from 600 - 1,200 nm, Analysis of Phosphorus to Sub - ppb Levels P N/A
011 Chorophyll A determination using the Cintra 101 N/A N/A
012 DRS 1150 N/A N/A