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GBC Pre-Owned AAS Instruments For Sale

Pre-owned certified instruments for a fraction of the cost!

GBC Scientific Equipment is proud to offer the following factory-certified pre-owned instrumentation.

Each instrument is thoroughly inspected and all worn parts are replaced with OEM parts direct from the GBC factory.  
Full certification with a 90 day warranty are included at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

Current Inventory

1) Pre-Owned Model Avanta Sigma Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS).
Includes Windows® computer system, software, and all shipping charges (US & Canada only) - $14,000.00 - CLICK HERE for details, or CONTACT US for more information.
Pre-owned Avanta Sigma AAS
  Avanta Sigma AAS
2) Pre-Owned System 3000 Automated Graphite Furnace System with Autosampler
Includes all shipping charges (US & Canada only)  -  $9,500.00 - CLICK HERE for details, or CONTACT US for more information.
System 3000 Graphite Furnace System
  GF3000 Workhead  PAL Autosampler

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