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ICP-OES Application Notes

Application Number Topic Element(s) Sample Type
001 AAS or ICP-OES - Are They Competing Techniques? N/A N/A
002 Optimizing Analytical Performance in ICP-OES Applications N/A N/A
003 Direct Determination of Trace Impurities in 30% NaCl and 40% FeCl3 Solutions by ICP-OES N/A 30% NaCl and 40% FeCl3 Solutions
004 Nutritional and Micro Nutritional Analysis of Milk Powders and other Dairy Products using the Slurry Method of Sample Introduction N/A Milk Powders and other Dairy Products
005 Determination of Various Elements in Highly Volatile Organic Matrices (Naphtha) N/A Highly Volatile Organic Matrices
006 The Analysis of Phosphorus in Edible Oils by ICP-OES P Edible Oils
007 The Analysis of Wear Metals in Lubricating Oils by ICP-OES Wear Metals Lubricating Oils