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AAS Application Notes

Application Number Topic Element(s) Sample Type
001 The Determination of Aluminium, Iron and Silicon in Rock Samples Al, Fe, Si Rock
002 Application of the GBC HSA3000 to Samples with High Dissolved Solids N/A Samples with High Dissolved Solids
003 Analysis of Environmental Water Samples using Graphite Furnace AA with ULTRA-PULSE Background Correction N/A Environmental Water Samples
004 The Analysis of Lead in Drinking Water Pb Drinking Water
005 Why Use Automatic Burner Rotation in Flame AAS? N/A N/A
006 Sensitivity Improvements in Flame AAS Using the GBC Atom Trap N/A N/A
007 A Comparison between Flame-Heating and Electrical-Heating Trace-Level Hydride Analysis N/A N/A
008 Improved Accuracy in Atomic Absorption Analysis using Automatic Sensitivity Correction 33 N/A N/A
009 The Determination of Beryllium in Drinking Water Using the System 3000 Graphite Furnace 37 Be Drinking Water
010 Quality Control Procedures for Graphite Furnace AAS using Avanta Software N/A N/A
011 Mercury Determination at Ultra-Trace Concentration Using the 906 Elite AAS and MC3000 Mercury Concentrator Hg N/A
012 The GBC High Performance Nitrous Oxide-Acetylene Burner and Spraychamber System N/A N/A
013 The Measurement of Al, Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb, Si, Sn, Ti and V in Engine Oil Al, Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb, Si, Sn, Ti and V Engine Oil Samples
014 The Measurement of Fe, Al, Ca and Mg in FeSi and FeSiMg Samples by Flame Atomic Absorption Fe, Al, Ca and Mg FeSi and FeSiMg Samples
015 Determination of Sb, Ba and Pb in gunpowder residue analysis Sb, Ba, Pb Gunpowder Samples